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Dsteo wants to get a paid dj set. I'm familiar with his music and I'm confident we can find a spot for him as his music has a wide appeal, he can read a crowd and is possibly the most professional dj/producer I know. He's also been in the game for a v long time and I want to help him.

I'll use this challenge as a platform to approach at least 5 clubs / promoters in my quest. I'll supply emails as evidence.

Thomas has provided the following evidence to support their claim:

The entertainment manager

Hi my name is Thomas, and I run a unique website called StakeMyRep. In StakeMyRep, user create challenges for themselves, and others can bet their reputation on the outcome. It's about being accountable to other people in a fun social way.

We are still in the very early testing days, however we have a limited number of people using the site.

A good friend of mine has created a challenge for himself on StakeMyRep, it is to Get a Paid Dj Slot. You can see the challenge here:

As my app is about fun, and because we are inventing new ways to interact online – I thought I'd try and assist Dale in his quest. Hence, I have created the below challenge.

So what's in it for you?

I would never just endorse someone unless I felt they were worthy. And Dale has been involved in the electronic music scene for a very long time now. He is not only a skilled dj, capable of mixing a wide range of tunes, he is also a talented producer. However it's his ability to rally his friends (as evidenced by this email) behind him that should be of most interest to you.

I'm not looking for a spot – but I am a regular DJ myself, notably I have played at the last two Subsonic Music festivals (including a 5 hour set closing the dome stage last year). So I know when someone can produce / mix and has the right attitude about it too.

Dale was recently a finalist in the now famous “You shot DJ competition, where he managed to get over 50 of his friends along to the finale set to support him. He is also a promoter for Future Music Festival, and as a founding member of Secret Garden Festival, he understands the need for 'bums on seats' at gigs.

As I'm sure you are aware – the online competitive landscape is evolving on an almost daily basis, to be successful not only means having the right reputation and vibe on-site, but to project and promote that vibe th


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