No booze in February


Why is February the best month of the year? Because it’s the shortest month. Therefore, it’s the best month to abstain from something. This month the challenge is no booze. For no good reason, just because January is pretty hectic! Giving...

Make at least one person smile, pee thier pants a little or maybe spit out thier drink.


Our friend Kai posted this on FB today we thought it'd funny to make into a real challenge.

Producer challenge #5 – new genres are fun


Darren Ziesing (Mastering for the likes of Flume, Hermitude, EMI and Sony) has been helping us set a series of producer challenges. This is the fifth challenge in the series. A lot of our producer friends are deeply passionate about a certain...

DJ challenge 1 - mix a 45 min set of Ben C Flat's music (free music inside + Juno giftcard)


Long-time friend if SMR Ben C Flat wants you to mix a 45 minute set of his tunes. He has uploaded 3 hours of music for you to choose from. He is interested to see how DJs will  mix his music. We're offering a $50 voucher at Juno Records to the...

Night at the Museum's most mysterious challenge (by the National Museum of Australia)


Welcome to this most mysterious challenge. We'll try and spell this out for you but don't blame us if it's not too clear, it is after all, a mysterious challenge. Your challenge We've hidden in plain view, several objects in the National Museum...

Producer challenge #4 – Create a track using only one sample


This is the third in a series of producer challenges designed to test and push our producer friends. The first and second challenges saw our users create tracks firstly with our samples (and their own) and secondly only with our samples. The...

PSR challenge #1 - do a snow dance to help make it dump


Hi guys So Thomas from StakeMyRep has convinced me to run some challenges on his website - you might remember they were giving away some flights to Japan. Given we all want it to snow (dump), we thought it'd be a good idea to ask you to do a snow...

Producer challenge #3 – Create a track using only our samples


This is the third instalment of our Music Producer series of challenges, and the second in our sample-based challenges. We've pulled in the big guns to set these challenges, and Darren Ziesing is one of the best mastering engineers in Australia....

Fitness challenge #4 – Run sucka, run!


The challenge Over the next week, run 3 times. the minimum distance should be at least 1 km each time. The goal here is to just get out and moving. If you're the type of person who already runs 3 times a week, we're happy for you (and you;re...

Fitness challenge #3 – Core (by Lion Heart Fitness Club)

Lion Heart

Hi guys, Trish here from Lion Heart Fitness Club Thomas is an old uni friend, and when he asked me if I'd like to set this week's fitness challenge on StakeMyRep, I thought it'd be fun. I've previously published a challenge here and it's great to...

Sustainability challenge #1 - build a worm farm (by Formidable Vegetable Sound System)

Formidable Vege

Hi guys! Charlie here from Formidable Vegetable Sound System. My mate Thomas from StakeMyRep asked if I'd be up for hosting some challenges and I thought it sounded like a rad idea! It's an awesome platform that's all about getting people...

Fitness challenge #2 – Squats


This week's fitness challenge is to perform a series of squats. There are three levels, easy, medium and hard. Easy – 100 over the course of a week Medium – 200 over the course of a week Hard – 300 over the course of a week Evidence...

SMR fitness challenge #1 – 100 push-ups over 7 days


Challenge - over 7 days, complete a total of 100 push-ups. For example - 20 the first day, 25 the second day etc. This is aimed at those of you looking to either get back into exercise, or try something new. It's the first in a series of fitness...

Producer challenge #2 – Create a track with the supplied samples


THE CHALLENGE This is the first part of a trio of challenges being set by the mastering legend that is Stalker (he works with major labels including Sony and EMI). Each challenge will increase with difficulty. We've provided some samples for you...

StakeMyRep challenge 06 - produce an uplifting track in any genre


Are you a music producer looking for some extra motivation? Do you know someone who needs a kick up the wahooza? This is for you / them! We've teamed up with one of Australia's leading mastering wizards, Darren from Polybonk, who works with some...

Go 24 hours without complaining! - by Elissa Freeman


This challenge was conceived by Elissa Freeman, you can like here page here: Starting Jan 30 midnight, go 24 hours without complaining. If you find yourself complaining, it's ok, just try and focus back on...

SMR challenge 05 - make some new year's resolutions!


It's early 2015, let's get some goals sorted out for this year. This challenge is simple. Create as many new year's resolutions as you wish. Accept the challenge and enter them into your evidence box, and you can come back and review them at...

Connections NYE - clean up ya rubbish challenge!


Offtap productions and are offering punters at this year's amazing 3 day festival - Transformational Gathering NYE 2014 / 15 the chance to win a double pass to the Psyland before Time festival 2015 (Valued at over $200!!!) To win...

SMR challenge 04 - send some Christmas cards to family and friends


Well it's Christmas, and it's a lovely thing to do. So we challenge you to send some Christmas cards out to those you love / like / appreciate. They (and you) will feel great. 1000 bonus RP for each successful entrant, and a great feeling!

Challenge #3 – Cook, tell a story in any medium or meditate for your chance to win a $50 voucher at Chalisa Restaurant!


Our pals at Chalisa Indian Restaurant are (for the second time) putting up a $50 meal voucher! Thanks guys! Simply enter one or more of the challenges below to be in the running! So your three challenges for the week are: Cook an Indian inspired...