Gym it up tomorrow morning with the wifey Short Goal


I recently invested in a gym membership and I'm at least committing to tomorrow morning. We have already been twice, so tomorrow will be the third gym session in a week.

Go up Mt Taylor.


Been a while since I've seen beautiful Canberra from above. Also, I made a drunken arrangement to go with a friend. :) Oh yeah, and I'm sure that there's some health benefits that come along with it too :)

Convince the real estate to fix the toilet Short Goal


I will wait until the toilet blocks up again, I will film the effects, I will send the film to the real estate and make them take it seriously. I can't promise that the real estate will confirm anything in writing, they never do because it gives...

Write a friend's bio


I will write a friend's DJ bio and post it here as evidence.

Make a mother's day gift for mum


It's mother's day and I have left it a little late to do something nice for mum. So instead, I will make her a gift by the day's end. Evidence will be a photo.

Produce an award winning poster for a conference at the end of May. Medium Goal


I am attending a scientific conference at the end of May and will be presenting my research as a poster, as there is cash to be won I am upping my game. My research is in super-resolution microscopy, and is pretty kick ass; ever wanted to see...

Prepare to be able to run a 'Spring Forest Qi Gong' workshop/class for the next 'Lightworkers Gathering' on the 16th-19th of May :) Short Goal

Spilla Abrupt

Ok, so to do this I really need to refresh my knowledge by watching DVDs, reading up about it & doing Qi Gong itself to get in the zone. Qi Gong is a medative form of martial art which focuses on balancing Qi/ life force. I am in no way a guru at...

Produce, master & release next Jilted Hoodz EP which is probably going to be called 'Bass Lickers' Long Goal

Spilla Abrupt

Ok so this challenge involves producing 4 tracks. This next EP is going to have a Glitch/ Dubstep focus. I have already recorded some pretty cool instrumental stems for one of the tracks & we have a beat for another one. But that's it! So there's...

Finish Study of Adword Certification


I need to finish the study for my adword certification which is pending since last year. It's time to finish this up and move on.

Build the userbase by 20. Bandwagon


Getting new users to sign up is hardwork! And I need set measurable goals to do this. So far, we have had 150 ppl in total register an account on StakeMyRep. It's not really that many, and I am now able top focus on building that number. I'll...

Quite smoking


its 3am I've just smoke the last fitly ciggy am so ready to give it up, going to be hard to prove but I'm an honest kind of guy and I've been ready to do it for while and am keen to use this as the final frontier :)

Setup brooding box for chicks


We got a couple of chicks today (sooner than expected) so tonight they are living in a cardboard box. Tomorrow I plan on getting a better house for them plus a heat light.

Fly to the moon in my barbie head powered spaceship for some wensleydale cheese


As I am wanting cheese I must go to the moon, and this is how I will do it!

Do a single run


I'll go for a run to start getting back in shape.

Clean the bathroom Short Goal


Bathroom needs a clean

Make over the chicken coop Medium Goal


My challenge involves rewiring the chicken coop, either replacing or remodeling the chicken house and overall making the place a nicer place for the hens to live.

Two runs


I'll do two runs in the next week. I've been dropping a lot of challenges, however I think I can crawl back.

Easy challenge - share or donate to Teejay's Pozzible campaign


If you share Teejay's pozible campaign somewhere, we'll give you 1000R and a sharing is caring badge (they are almost ready)! If you donate to Teejay's campaign, we'll also give you the RP and the badge!

Upcycle something - SMR quest 2


Upcycling is where you take something old and unused, and upgrade it so it takes on a new life. Below is a link to some examples: We want you to upcycle something! Big or small, just...

Upcycle something - SMR quest 2


Upcycling is where you take something old and unused, and upgrade it so it takes on a new life. Below is a link to some examples: We want you to upcycle something! Big or small, just...