Ride my bicycle up Mt Ainslie


Tomorrow morning I will ride up Mt Ainslie on the road. I've never done it before but think I can after Doi Sutep. I know I didn't make my last challenge, but this challenge is definitely less challengey. My local mountain.

Increase userbase by 40 Medium Goal


Last time I tried to increase the user base by 20, this time, I will increase it by 40. We have exactly 200 users, not inc 7 test accounts and my own. I am just about to go pick up some posters that will help with this. You too can help! Please...

Achieve perfect backside 50-50's / backside smith grinds on ramp


So my goal is to achieve 1 fundamental trick that I feel I don't have entirely in skateboarding (Backside 50-50) . Then using what i've learned from that trick, i will use the skills to learn another (backside smith grind). Hopefully by the end...

Wrap up this track Short Goal


Been working on this techno track for a while now, still not happy with some crucial elements (ie bassline) but i think its time to let this one loose

Busk all day Short Goal


My friend and I plan to hit buckets for money, as much money as possible. This Sunday we'll be heading all around the city playing beats and collecting tips. By the end I plan to be loaded, so we'll be going for a while.

Complete the ideas flash video game Long Goal


i'm going to make a flash game based on a facebook group i'm in ideas, the project shouldn't take as long as the goal, but with real life in mind i would like to have extra time in case i run into any snags or life problems.

Find myself a second job


Hospitality suck... Its only been 3 months in the job and im already sick of it. Time to switch it up a bit and get back to my root. Gunna find myself a job in some for of gardening, landscaping or maintance by the end of the week! evidence will...

Get a Shadowland theatre chick belly


Recently I went to see a dance show called Shadowland and was totally blown away by how strong and fit the women looked. Especially the abs! So, now I am totally fixated on getting a Shadowland chick abs. Like really toned, but not muscly...

Draw a sketch to paint on a canvas


I have a couple of canvases with the background completed. I need to draw a character to paint on one of them.

Completed and Mastered 4 track EP Long Goal


I will have completed and mastered a 4 track EP by September 12.

Finish www.grumpys.co Medium Goal


Someone said it couldn't be done in a week and they were right! I did however manage to get heaps done inc. domain, hosting, wordpress theme loaded up as well as content added Giving myself a month to get it all happening :D

Ride my bicycle 130km from Chiang Mai to Pai in Thailand


It's a 130km ride, lots of it uphill. I'm not a super experienced rider, 60-70km is the most I've done in one day before but I felt I could do more. Have ridden up Doi Sutep (11 km uphill) a few times and to Doi Pui (18.6km uphill) once. Will...

Work on Grant Application for Promotion Funding


To do this, I must: Fill in the Grant Application Form as thoroughly as possible and send it off to have checked. Screen shot of grant application completed for proof.

Eat a whole cake Medium Goal


Have I done this right? I will just buy the game haha

Eat a whole cake


Just trust me. I was going to eat it anyway.

Setup all ASIC mining equipment to be managed by RPi


Build and configure Raspbian build with CGMiner to run Bitfury ASIC. Fabricate new housing to sit all USB hubs into wind tunnel. Convert all USB PSU to connect to 150w inverter PSU.

Bring Critical Music Tour to Canberra


Bring the Critical Music (UK) Tour to Canberra to help further push the Canberra Drum n Bass scene!

Get a tongue piercing!


Been wanting to do this for months, and my parents are finally mostly convinced, so now i just need to do it!

Paint a piece of furniture Medium Goal


I brought a cute little handmade wooden box from a garage sale about 10 years ago. I have attempted numerous time to do it up cycle it. It's to cool to just throw out. This will be the last effort. I will paint and decorate in the next month....

Do two runs this week and attend a personal training session


Ok after doing it last week (even though it was not voted up), I am pleased to be doing this all again. I'm also going to be doing a PT session on Wednesday. As a bonus, I'd like to do three runs. I am going to use GPS so I have solid evidence also.