I wont scratch my bites


My legs are covered with these so so so itchy bites, scratching them just brings up more and makes them more itchy, i there for challenge myself to go a whole 24hrs without scratching them.

Fix my mum's bedroom


Currently I'm in Mexico visiting my mum. When I arrived I saw my mum's house destroyed by my nieces and also by my sister. To make matters worse, no one has done a thing to fix something. Since Early this month I have fixed all the windows, the...

Catch up on all my university work Medium Goal


Catch up on all my subjects.

Send a letter to my Grandmother Short Goal


Send a letter of at least two pages.

Walk the dogs at the RSPCA more than one day this week


I can't take photos, but I will be able to provide the mobile phone's GPS tracking data to show that I went there more than once this week if someone wants to question me :) It's for the good of my health and the dogs so it's a good cause!

Use duolingo every day for 2 weeks. Medium Goal

Worthwhile Jone

I've already made a week twice and it was easy. I had 8 days today but I forgot and so now I'm back to zero. Bring it on!!!

Speak conversational Spanish Long Goal

Worthwhile Jone

I've been using duolingo pretty regularly for the last month or two and my girlfriends pretty fluent, I've just gotta catch up.

Promote the craptola out of the competition Medium Goal


By promoting this comp, I am promoting stakemyrep. So I'll do as much marketing as I can manage and post up evidence here.

Get neighbors site looking sweet Short Goal


With all of the work I am doing to promote the comp, I need to push some attention to my neighbors website. There is an issue with the responsive slider I need to resolve.

Do a handstand Short Goal


Stand in the hands up against a wall for 1 minute.

Get a six pack by 2015 Long Goal

Matt Richards

I intend to get that six pack I always wanted by Jan 2015. I will provide a dated photo before Jan of some washboard abs as proof!

Touch up paint on skirting Medium Goal


I will touch up the paint that has been chipped on the house skirting

Patch hole in wall


When we replace our bedroom light with a fan and had to move the placement of the switch, I declare that I will patch the holes ready for painting

This week's fitness funtimes


So I want to keep to my training plan. Mon Gym Wens Swim Fri Run / gym Sun Swim That is it! Photos as evidence.

Pass my uni assignment


Completing uni assignment as part of me obtaining my masters

Fitness funtimes


I am getting some nice consistency in so I want to try and add a bit of a formal pattern to keep it up. Two gym sessions and two pool session. I'll also keep a record of what I am eating over the week (good and bad).

Make a market garden to sell at the autumn farmers market Long Goal


it involes creating new beds lots of seed propagation and organising a stall at the markets

Do a goth demo mix


There's a pretty awesome new goth club called Alter Ego that opened in Sydney and they are looking for djs. I have a fairly decent goth/EBM/industrail collection and would really like to play some of it. The thing is that I have never mixed that...

Go shopping today with my wife


So I'm running seriously low on RP at the moment and need to start cashing up. So I'm doing an easy challenge today. Go shopping. I think I can handle that one.

Clean the back shed area, hit the gym and do a comp poster


I have a few things to do this we, need to use StakeMyRep to get them done.