Undertake two yoga classes per week Medium Goal


I'm fairly fit, fairly strong but I have almost zero flexibility. So I'm going to use my gym membership for one of those classes I've always avoided and try and improve my flexibility. I'll provide photos of my checkin each time I attend :)

Write a short story Medium Goal


I will write a short story of at least 10,000 words. If I get this done within a month I'll be very happy. The next goal will be to publish it on the self publishing website, Smashwords (www.smashwords.com). I have written the start of many...

Walk 30 kilometres in under 5 hours


I am in training to walk across northern spain. my best 30km walk is 5 hours 20 mins

Get the entertainment area roof on


I've had a project sitting there for ages and all I need to do is put the roof on and get some screws. It will be epic though. Good chance of failing so the RP is up for grabs!

Be nice to everyone

nat the bat

I will be nice to everyone ALL day; no matter what....

Sell my Stuff


I will put the maximum of 40 items to sell on Ebay

Skate 4 times and walk 2 times


I will skate 4 times - 2 times with my Roller Derby League, once socially and once either socially or with my league.

Make a Prog Psy Mixtape


I need to get a prog psy mix completed for applications to various festivals, and to hone the skillz. Aim to hit around 1 hour.

Ski japan by 2016


Take my daughter skiing in japan in the next 14 months. We will enjoy the snow the culture cold. Can't wait

Write at least 5 minutes of an original track.


Write some form of track and share it on sound cloud. Even if it is still a work in progress. At least 5 minute. Long.. :-)

Have my second bedroom streamlined and sorted, ready so I can use it for massage, or just being able to access the furniture!! Medium Goal


I will have my second bedroom sorted. All boxes gone. Things organised and away in the wardrobe and various pieces of furniture being used for what they are supposed to be used for. De clutter and throw out unused goods. I will be able to use the...

Exercise 3 times this week Bandwagon


Exercise being either: - Gym Class - Swim laps at the pool - Yoga - Go for a run - going to add bike ride

Finish my design fundamentals before I fail..


Got nothing else to lose. A 6 month course that has taken me 11 due to work, laziness and broken equipment. I have 2 design briefs and a report due by the 29th. If I finish in a week I will have enough time for editing and lecturer input.

Exercise 3 times this week


Exercise being either: - Gym Class - Swim laps at the pool - Yoga - Go for a run

Get to NZ to snowboard in the 2015 winter! Long Goal


I need to save $1,200 so that I can get to NZ for a snowboard trip in the 2015 winter.

Skate board around the lake 3 times once without falling


Years ago I was inspired and bought a mountain board. Itz scary as hell n spends itz time in storage. as a halfway step I have decided I should learn how to skateboard first then try the Beast again

Go for a long bike ride or vigerous hike x4 Medium Goal


So the weather is beeeauuutiful and I'm longing to be amongst the trees and keep this body moving. I'm just a wee bit inconsistent is the trouble. So giving myself a push to develop these healthy habits. Planning to go on either a long bike ride...

Pack My house


I need to pack up and move my whole house worth of stuff

Go up to the next level of pole dancing Long Goal


I will dedicate myself to pole dancing in the snow off season and I will advance to the next level.