Get my tooth fixed


Hey guys! So I've had stuff done on this tooth before and a temporary filling put in, but could never afford to get it finished. Recently I got a bad tooth ache and had to have a root canal. Again I have a temporary filling and I think I really...

Write a track with live guitars and vocal .


have the majority of a track with predominant live elements, at the stage where it can be recognised tht the track could be relatively easily finished, ie the phrasing and structure and main elements are complete but could be polished/mastered..

Lose 8 kgs Long Goal


I wish to lose 16 kgs in one year. If I lose half of that (8kgs) in 6 months I will be happy.

Remove the stump


I have a stump in my backyard that I'd like to remove. It's getting in the way of a massive project (that I'll post here), and I really need to get this down. I have no idea how deep the roots go, but I will give this my best shot. I am away this...

Tame the Casa da Treezie jungle Bandwagon


My garden is literally taking over my house (yes, literally - there are weeds growing through the windows!) On 31 Jan, I will drag my butt out of bed at 7:30am and power through the yard until it’s a tamed canvas ready for landscaping. I will...

Make an awesome bionica costume Bandwagon


A babe'n bionic costume will be made to rock out in at Regrowth!

Make an awesome bionica costume Medium Goal


It will be fantastical, vanguard. yes thatz right I don't have a plan yet but it is an awesome theme that so much could be done

Lose Weight and Be Fitter!


This stressful exam month of December, coupled with Christmas and New Years Holidays have resulted in me gaining 4 kg!! I am only 5 feet, so that's A LOT... and I need to fit into that red dress I bought asap! I am aiming to lose 3 KG by the 30th...

Lose my US 'burgers and fries' weight by the end of January - it is possible!!!!!! Bandwagon


I know it's a 'typical' New Years goal, but.. I went on a holiday to the US at the end of 2014 and decided to relax, enjoy myself and not worry about food/beer consumption control... it was great at the time.. but I arrived home to find I had...

Okay, so I failed this one but I'm not giving up! I will write a story of at least 10,000 words. Medium Goal


10,000 words may not get the story finished (it may grow) but I'll put up what I have as evidence when I do hit at least 10,000.

Finish iPhone requirements


I have a solid start on this, I am almost there for a draft run of these. And I'd said I would have some stuff by the 16th so I really gotta keep this one!

Obtain the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification before my contract finishes on the 31st of March


Gaining the MCSA will require a bunch of self study, and to pay for and take the exams. Evidence will be the certificate with my name on it.

Read 6 novels in the next 6 months Long Goal


In the next 6 months I will read 6 novels. They will be decent sized books. I go through reading stages so this will be harder than it seems.

Go for one jog, finish the iphone reqs and some other SMR releated documentation


Ok I am randomly posting this as I need a boost. Lucky for me I have this website! I'll complete the iPhone reqs which our awesome dev needs as guidance, and go for one jog. I have some other important documentation to do as well, which I'll...

Deliberately fail this challenge


I keep failing challenges so this time I am challenging myself to not succeed in this challenge.

Mow my lawn


It has been raining for ages and now is sunny. The grass is getting long so I need to mow it. I need to borrow my old mans mower to complete the job...

Create a website draft


I Need to design a simple website for a project within the Burning Man Australia community. Simple as. One page using MS publisher. Wish me luck!! Ps never created a website

Get that roof on!


So, I failed a challenge recently trying to put a roof on the back shed. Let me tell you, I worked pretty hard on that! When I posted, I completely underestimated the sanding and prep work involved. Also it rained, and one week was not enough....

Get my motorbike licence Long Goal


I rode motorbikes a lot as a young fella but never got my licence. This is a bucket list item, so time to check it off.