Fang down accelerator


second run ever at bluecow, want to hit accelerator with some speed.lach will film.

Land a b/s or f/s 180 at perisher Bandwagon


Hitting Perisher tomorrow. I've landed 180's before just want to get some evidence. I'll get Tommo to help out with filming hopefully Jumping on bandwagon

Land a b/s or f/s 180 at perisher


Hitting Perisher tomorrow. I've landed 180's before just want to get some evidence. I'll get Tommo to help out with filming hopefully

Complete the 21 day meditation experience


I'm doing the Oprah & Deepak 21-day Meditation Experience. I'm up to day 6, so 15 days to go.  I'll post a screen shot rom the app when I complete the challenge.

Finish writing my book


I have recently started writing a book and want to have it finished to the point that it's ready to sell digital copies on Amazon.

Buy Samuel's book


I really want to buy a great book on user-onboaring and I have a 15% discount!

Do Dry July Bandwagon


Jumping on this bandwagon. thought it would be easy haha already had to talk myself out of temptation twice this week. Alcohol abstinence for cancer patients!

Do Dry July


After I nailed my 2 week challenge, I am ready to step up. I have a proper Dry July link here

No alcohol for two weeks Bandwagon


I feel that I could benefit from not drinking for a while. This will be a good Dry July warm up. I'd encourage any of my friends who feel the same way to jump on the bandwagon. My wife, Jennifer, will keep me honest.  This will also help with my...

Join the bloggersphere


Here's something I've been putting off ... ummm like forever! I actually have two amazeballs blog ideas, with a few posts already in the works. I'll get one of them up and running within the month. Evidence should be easy enough!! By the time I...

Go in the Snow 2 Surf


I used to stay at my mate Scott's place when I ran the City 2 Surf, however he was never interested in the race. Now he is running a bit (and I am not), I asked him if he'd go in the race this year. He said he would think about - and then upped...

Make the banner for the nice lady


I need to make a banner for someone, I keep putting it off. Lucky I have an accountability website.

Complete a track with as much live instrumentation as possible, well, atleast have it to the stage where its obvious it could easily be completed..


Write and produce, with as many aids as i choose, a track that has as much real, live instrumentation as possible! not genre specific. but need to have complete structure and dynamics. doesnt need to be completely finished, but within reason,...

Move the soil


I have some soil, I want to move it. I am sick, see how I go.

Get my tooth fixed


Hey guys! So I've had stuff done on this tooth before and a temporary filling put in, but could never afford to get it finished. Recently I got a bad tooth ache and had to have a root canal. Again I have a temporary filling and I think I really...

Write a track with live guitars and vocal .


have the majority of a track with predominant live elements, at the stage where it can be recognised tht the track could be relatively easily finished, ie the phrasing and structure and main elements are complete but could be polished/mastered..

Lose 8 kgs Long Goal


I wish to lose 16 kgs in one year. If I lose half of that (8kgs) in 6 months I will be happy.

Remove the stump


I have a stump in my backyard that I'd like to remove. It's getting in the way of a massive project (that I'll post here), and I really need to get this down. I have no idea how deep the roots go, but I will give this my best shot. I am away this...

Tame the Casa da Treezie jungle Bandwagon


My garden is literally taking over my house (yes, literally - there are weeds growing through the windows!) On 31 Jan, I will drag my butt out of bed at 7:30am and power through the yard until it’s a tamed canvas ready for landscaping. I will...

Make an awesome bionica costume Bandwagon


A babe'n bionic costume will be made to rock out in at Regrowth!