Get my FDC approved


After biulding a gate, clinging the house, picking up branches, cleanning the guini pig area, moving furniture, going to doctors appointment, looking after a monster toddler, cooking and going to see grandad to the hospital I will get my Family...

Incline leg press 120kg tomorrow


Just once. I have been building up over a little while, but get really scared on the incline as I'm worried my legs are going to buckle in so always drop it down a notch! I am going to try it just once tomorrow. Or twice if possible. But probably...

Do 100 push-ups in 1:30 minutes


it has been ages since i have done any push-ups, so in order to find out if i can still do them effectively, i will film a video of myself doing 100 in 1.5 minutes

Clean my back yard


I will clean my back yard. I have to take green waste to the tip. There is a lot of branches from 3 trees. I will upload photos.

Childproof my house


I most childproof my house in order to start a family day care business.

Learn/Play a new song on guitar, flawlessly


I like playing guitar, but i need more songs to play. So, within the next 24 hours i will learn a new song on guitar (as challenging as possible). i will record a video of the song as proof.

Create a challenge


This is an example challenge. I have staked one RP that I will create a challenge. In doing so I have successfully completed this challenge.