Pull the back shed down


I really need some extra motivation to pull my back carport / shed down. This is the first step towards re-building an outdoor entertainment/ play area. I feel really demotivated in the yard I am truly hoping this helps break me out of it! It’s...

Test ride 3 motorbikes without the wife divorcing me


I will test ride 3 motorbikes in two hours, bringing each one home and trying to avoid divorce from the wife who doesn't know I'm actually bike shopping for real (as opposed to just surfing online!)

Attend Boot camp


Boot camp two mornings per week from 6am - 7am. I will attend both sessions on time and complete all challenges to the best of my ability.

Shoot at least 10 players in tonight's Scrim


I am part of a gaming clan called AIM. Tonight, I have my first Scrim (a match against another clan) in a couple of years. Now the app is built, I am trying to get back into things I enjoy so I don't drive everyone mad. I really am not that great...

Bake a cake


I will bake a cake from scratch and share it with my friends.

Clean my house in time for my mum to visit this weekend!!!!


My mum is coming down for a week on the weekend and, after exams, I have not really had time to clean etc.. hmmm. It has to happen!

Clean out my workshop


After 4 years, I have decided to clean out the workshop at the back of the garage. There is a lot of crap in there that needs to go, and everything else has to be organized and tidied. I will either provide before and after shots, or a short...

Get my FDC approved


After biulding a gate, clinging the house, picking up branches, cleanning the guini pig area, moving furniture, going to doctors appointment, looking after a monster toddler, cooking and going to see grandad to the hospital I will get my Family...

Incline leg press 120kg tomorrow


Just once. I have been building up over a little while, but get really scared on the incline as I'm worried my legs are going to buckle in so always drop it down a notch! I am going to try it just once tomorrow. Or twice if possible. But probably...

Do 100 push-ups in 1:30 minutes


it has been ages since i have done any push-ups, so in order to find out if i can still do them effectively, i will film a video of myself doing 100 in 1.5 minutes

Clean my back yard


I will clean my back yard. I have to take green waste to the tip. There is a lot of branches from 3 trees. I will upload photos.

Childproof my house


I most childproof my house in order to start a family day care business.