Buy a photo album and start organising Rivers baby photos


With Rivers 3 rd birthday fast approaching, I am really overdue in organising baby photos in an album, 99% of photos are still not printed. I declare that I will at least have an album with the first few months to start. I will need to buy an...

Produce a hit song for the masses


I will write and record a hit song in the next week that will be played on 0 radio stations and 0 television programs. I will upload the track to Soundcloud and maybe try to produce some kind of video as additional proof. Wish me luck!

Clean the fish tank filter


I hate cleaning the filter in my fish tank and have putting it off for longer than I can imagine. I challenge myself to do it within the next week and will provide enforce and after photos.

Go for three runs this week - again!


I'm putting it all on the line this time (almost). After failing two times, I'm going back to my original 'magic three' run strategy to get active again. Each run will be a minimum of 20 minutes.

Join the gym again


For some reason I wasn't given 7 days, maybe the system runs by hours not days? that's ok :) I can join today still!!

Learn to warp, and mix in ableton live!


going to try and learn how to warp tracks for mixing and create a little teaser mix using some old Sasha songs from the Airdrawndagger album

Do some physical activity at least 3 times this week


I have been in a bit of a lull in my life lately. I think the way to break through it is to push myself with some physical activity - but in the least physical way possible - driving range at lunch time at least 3 times this week - for a start

Go for four runs this week - each a min of 20 mins


I failed last week's challenge. I thought I had a full day left, I put my gear on, logged in to gloat and found a notice saying challenge failed (unsure if system incorrectly reported, will keep an eye on it). I did get two runs in, so I am happy...

Merge acceptance letters with invoices for This is Art Market


For an art market I run with my partner, I declare that I will merge these 2 documents [the acceptance letter and invoice] together to streamline the acceptance and payment process for our artists. This will also cut my admin time down by a lot,...

I will beat ibrokemyeyebrow in a fitness duel

LaGioconda The challenge ends on the 26th of June and ibrokemyeyebrow is leading by 300 points! I am determined not only to catch up, but totally kill it. A few minor hiccups though... I am mega busy as I'm...

Join my old gym and go at least once


I will join my old gym at Macquarie University and go at least once within a week. I will post evidence of this on Facebook.

Run at least 5 km (hopefully more) on the treadmill


Basically what the title says, i`ll aim for about 8-10 km but i`ll probably only be able to get about 5. i`ll upload picture of the distance i`ve run (on the treadmill display) and maybe of me getting progressively more tired

Complete my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


The puzzle is probably 25% done, but it's the easiest 25% - it only gets harder from here on in! Lots of the same colour and patterned pieces to fit together. There is also the danger that the dog will eat a piece or two, as has been known to...

Tidy my car


There's still camping gear in my car... Basically, it's in a shocking condition. I will unpack my car and make it tidy.

Go for three runs this week!


I have been meaning to do this for ages. My life is upside down without good regular exercise. I'm grumpy, I don;t sleep well, and I think about crap too much. On many, many occasions, I have fully intended to do three runs in one week (like I...

Hold a python


I have always wanted to hold a snake. 2moro I will meet Darwin the python! :)