The Humble eating well and sleep challenge


Well - due to a back injury that has cropped up I don't think I can achieve epic challenge 2. I took my son to Skateboard lessons ( I had my own skateboard there) and forgot it's been a bit sensitive since the snowboard challenge. Anyway - I...

Clean the fish tank


Clean the fish tank, as I am a bad pet owner this is a real struggle. The tank is 3ft

Do my tax return


Middle of August and I still have not done my tax? Mama mia! I am super busy these days - out of the house at 9am, back home 9pm. The last thing on my mind is.... tax. But. It must be done! The only thing that motivates me is that I actually may...

Epic challenge v2


I’m getting ‘addicted’ to the idea of making challenges that involve things I have been putting off / don’t want to do. 1. Do ‘some’ work on the kitchen renos – I need to gap fill and sand some stuff. – Evidence – photos, before...

Learn a new section of my online Spanish program Duolingo everyday for a week


Hola mis amigos! I started learning Spanish at the start of the year through an awesome free online program called Duolingo. I've been getting lazier and lazier with it and sometimes don't practice for a week at a time. I want to complete a...

Set up a charity auction


Mely's mum has been raising money for 'Feed the Babies Project' which is a charity that's been set up to feed malnourished babies in Cambodia. She committed to raise $15 000 to feed 36 babies for a year, she's been doing really well but donations...

Master this SMR alpha site


I have long attempted to just get by on this site by skimming and scanning quickly on the fly. Tommy being a dear friend and creating something that he believes in deserves my utmost respect and attention. That being said. I SMR on getting to...

Plant all our summer herbs


I am going to teach my daughter how to grow plants. We will empty out all the soil from last year's pots, re-fill, plant seeds, water & then cross our fingers that there will be no more frosts before spring! I will upload a time-lapse video of...

Run 5km each day Tuesday through Friday.. rain, hail or shine!!!!


Okay - so the dreary weather has 'dampened' my enthusiasm the past few weeks. The usual excuse has been 'it's too cold' or simply 'I can't be assed'. Not this week!!! Hopefully by putting this up and setting myself the challenge it will add the...

Record an hour dj set


I have been procrastinating about recording a dj set for my podcast I have heaps of music that I have not recorded in dj sets and would like to use them. An hour minimum and posted to my podcast.. HERE WE GO!!!

Film additional footage Bangkok, and edit together a reasonable cut.


So I have been doing Time Lapse videos here in Bangkok. To be honest there is little content linking each of the videos together, but I want to put them up on YouTube in a nice and concisely edited video with soundtrack. Part of the reason for me...

Write a song for the Oceanic Blue Lady I will meet at Burning Man

Big Thompson

I'm off to Burning Man and I'm in the process of creating gifts. I anticipate that I will meet some sort of Blue Woman of the Ocean on the playa and I want to have a song written on cd or IPOD ready to present. I will write the song entirely from...

Do yoga stretches daily


I have a back injury. To stop it from seizing up completely and being unable to move, I need to stretch for about 3 hours every day. But it's painful and hard to find the time and motivation.

Finish a painting project


I'm working on some signage for the upcoming dragon dreaming festival. This involves painting paper Chinese lanterns and schooling up in the art of string light bulb buying. I have been dragging my feet on this project a bit lately but would...

Catch a fish with River


Tomorrow, I'll catch a fish with my son River. I'm down the coast doing some work, and this is a huge challenge as River is 2.5 so his patience is limited. 400 rp on the line.

Go to work tomorrow after beers


Had a big'ish night... Would like to skip work tomorrow but I'm guessing I won't...

Finish draft media release


This is actually a fun one for me. I'm more doing this to test the 24 hour setting as we may have a bug, but it will also keep me accountable. Posting my draft will be embarrassing, but I'm not sure too many people will be watching. I might make...

Clean my bathroom


this task involves energy and time! 2 things that I don't have. I have 2 babies at home and only 30min free everyday. Time enough to clean my bathroom but.... I'm so LAZY!! so that is why I need moral support!! I will provide photos as evidence =)

Buy a photo album and start organising Rivers baby photos


With Rivers 3 rd birthday fast approaching, I am really overdue in organising baby photos in an album, 99% of photos are still not printed. I declare that I will at least have an album with the first few months to start. I will need to buy an...