Try again to make theses puppet outfits before dragon


We want to make these for Dragon Dreaming. Failed last time, going to try again

Record a deep house set and upload it to my soundcloud.


My musical tastes are like the tides. Or, more specifically like a hyperactive child cranked up on red cordial and dangerously tired. Today I am loving Deep house/techno. It's amazing. I love it. I love lamp. I have a gig coming up and have been...

Go rock-climbing


Going Rock Climbing next week, at the Kambah Indoor rock-climbing place, unless anyone can recommend somewhere thats good. Going with or without Tommo! but you better be there. Anyone else is more than welcome to come, cause I need someone to...

Bodywork and Music Challenge

Big Thompson

In light of the failure of my last challenge I have decided to up the ante. This week I will start capoeira classes, anti-gravity yoga plus four hot, yoga classes and write one new song for the project I'm working on. Will provide recording of...

Attend my first Capoeira class and begin anti-gravity yoga

Big Thompson

This body and mind requires discipline. Through my life I have wanted more and more to translate my love of music and my compositional practice into something physical and kinetic. What better way to do it than through martial arts dance?

Play burning seed festival in the StakeMyRep Cat in a Hat suit


I''ll bust a mid-tempo / neuro hop set in my Cat in A Hat suit for party good times. Playing 6 pm on the Alien Welcoming Committee stage. Keeping the face mask on will be hard. Part of the challenge will be collecting and uploading evidence (I...

Make a cover of a song


the song must either be a song from Justin Timberlake or Ed Sheeran

Complete 50% of the python tutorials on Code Academy


My new chosen profession is soon to be web development and programming. As such I have had to build up my fundamental skills, prior to applying for any entry level positions here in Sydney. I plan on at least trying to get through 50% of the...

Complete my back up of files


Yes, for years now I have been one of those irresponsible people that doesn't back up their important files. So, I promise I will have my backups completed, likely by the end of the day, but 24hrs is ample

Get a date with a boy


I will have a date organised. Screen shots of txt, confirming date, which will be in the next two weeks.

Re-record my set from last weekend


I played a gig last Saturday. I felt I royally screwed the first few tracks up ( I hadn't mixed for a while) but after that it was much smoother. I did get lots of good feedback and had a few ppl who come later say they wish they could have been...

Get 50 lines on "Not Tetris"


The recent "SMR tetris challenge" has reminded me of a really fun tetris game that i used to play. i will aim to get 50 lines on "Not Tetris", a really annoying, twisted version of the original game that i am awful at. If i manage to do it, i...

Minor epic challenge


We've just update our development site to Twitter Bootstrap 3! There is heaps of work still to be done. So I am going to focus on the dev side of StakeMyRep for the next week. Some before and after shots. I'm playing a slot at a party this...

Jump in the lake at Thredbo today


With the water temperature at around 2 degrees Celsius, this on will take some nerve but aiming to go for dip after a day on the mountain at Thredbo today

Ollie off a small jump at Thredbo


I'm still learning to snowboard, and have been trying to push myself this season. I've ollied a couple of small jumps before, but never had good air... Today is the day!

Complete the period table of elements in cupcake toppers


To celebrate the 50's birthday of a family friend (who happen to be a big science geek) I will create the periodic table of elements in cupcake form. This challenge is specifically about the making of the cupcake toppers of which there are 118...

Get Paid DJ Gig


I will work on getting a paid DJ gig. I rarely get offered paid gigs and gigs come in waves. so it would be cool to be able to get a gig just because I said I would. I will provide copies of e-mail/txt's that confirm that I have landed the gig.

Complete a photoshop/indesign tutorial


I have always wanted to learn how to use photoshop and indesign properly and have decided that now is the time!! I have chosen to complete this online tutorial

Make some fire twirling gear


I've ordered some Kevlar Wick off the internet to make fire toys as part of my market stall stock. It's my first attempt at making them and I'm hoping to make at least a couple of staffs by next week to take to a festival. This may involve...

Make an outfit I've been meaning to make in time for Psychedelica Doof next week


I got the idea from this clip... I'm not exactly sure how yet but I think I'll make paper mache for the heads and poles to connect the extra bodies to mine. Then dress them in...