Practice my Spanish on Duolingo every day for 1 week


The biggest problem I have with this is just simply forgetting, especially after work sometimes I just wind up doing other things

Complete the 21 day meditation experience


I'm doing the Oprah & Deepak 21-day Meditation Experience. I'm up to day 6, so 15 days to go.  I'll post a screen shot rom the app when I complete the challenge.

Buy Samuel's book


I really want to buy a great book on user-onboaring and I have a 15% discount!

Complete a track with as much live instrumentation as possible, well, atleast have it to the stage where its obvious it could easily be completed..


Write and produce, with as many aids as i choose, a track that has as much real, live instrumentation as possible! not genre specific. but need to have complete structure and dynamics. doesnt need to be completely finished, but within reason,...

Write a track with live guitars and vocal .


have the majority of a track with predominant live elements, at the stage where it can be recognised tht the track could be relatively easily finished, ie the phrasing and structure and main elements are complete but could be polished/mastered..

Obtain the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification before my contract finishes on the 31st of March


Gaining the MCSA will require a bunch of self study, and to pay for and take the exams. Evidence will be the certificate with my name on it.

Deliberately fail this challenge


I keep failing challenges so this time I am challenging myself to not succeed in this challenge.

Mow my lawn


It has been raining for ages and now is sunny. The grass is getting long so I need to mow it. I need to borrow my old mans mower to complete the job...

Be nice to everyone

nat the bat

I will be nice to everyone ALL day; no matter what....

Have my second bedroom streamlined and sorted, ready so I can use it for massage, or just being able to access the furniture!! Medium Goal


I will have my second bedroom sorted. All boxes gone. Things organised and away in the wardrobe and various pieces of furniture being used for what they are supposed to be used for. De clutter and throw out unused goods. I will be able to use the...

Finish my design fundamentals before I fail..


Got nothing else to lose. A 6 month course that has taken me 11 due to work, laziness and broken equipment. I have 2 design briefs and a report due by the 29th. If I finish in a week I will have enough time for editing and lecturer input.

Complete and analyse all practice exams for my mathematical subjects.


Exams are coming up, and to be fully prepared for the exams, I'm going to complete and analyse all of the VCAA practice exams before my exam, which is in slightly over a week away but no harm in being organised.

Catch up on all my university work Medium Goal


Catch up on all my subjects.

Use duolingo every day for 2 weeks. Medium Goal

Worthwhile Jone

I've already made a week twice and it was easy. I had 8 days today but I forgot and so now I'm back to zero. Bring it on!!!

Speak conversational Spanish Long Goal

Worthwhile Jone

I've been using duolingo pretty regularly for the last month or two and my girlfriends pretty fluent, I've just gotta catch up.

This week's fitness funtimes


So I want to keep to my training plan. Mon Gym Wens Swim Fri Run / gym Sun Swim That is it! Photos as evidence.

Pass my uni assignment


Completing uni assignment as part of me obtaining my masters

Fitness funtimes


I am getting some nice consistency in so I want to try and add a bit of a formal pattern to keep it up. Two gym sessions and two pool session. I'll also keep a record of what I am eating over the week (good and bad).

Do analytics academy


Need to do GA academy for both work and SMR So here goes.