Write a 1 hour set for debut at Dragon Dreaming Festival Bandwagon


Never before have I performed a set of my own music, or even written enough music of consistent quality to pull such a feat off. That is my mission. I estimate that 7 or 8 original tracks, plus maybe 4 concept sound pieces are required.

Make some tunes


To help myself get more comfortable in Ableton, i decided to try produce 3 hip hop tracks in one week! The week passed on sunday so im giving myself 2 more days to get the tunes as polished as possible before i provide proof via mixcloud!

Learn something about Art Therapy today at NGV.


My awesome Lucy is going to be studying art therapy next year so I'm going to go to NGV and do the Art as Therapy tour and try to learn something about it.

Make pumpkin soup


I brought a butternut pumpkin 2 weeks ago with the intention of making soup but still haven't started. Hopefully will get it done this weekend.

Get my vaccinations for South America Short Goal


This might seem easy to some but I and absolutely petrified of getting vaccinations. It's not the needle I'm worried about it's the fact that I was never vaccinated as a kid. I got my first ever vaccine a few weeks ago and it was pretty...

Go up Mt Taylor. Bandwagon


Taking my son up to the top, been promising to take him up for a long time. This challenge is encouraging me to give it a go today.

Hold up a sign next to a road with lots of cars dressed in my cat in a hat suit that says


I need to paint a sign up, get in my suit and got and hold the sign (which will just say stakemyrep.com) up next to a road. Will try get a photo of it.

Take ze puppies for a walk this weekend :)

Spilla Abrupt

My two little crazy poodles have got the shits coz have not been for a walk for a few days, so I'm gonna remedy that for them and take them down to their favourite place at the open water channel near where I live. One of their favourite pass...

Do some art!


I bought myself some derwent pencils a couple of months ago, went mad drawing for a while, and haven't picked them up since. It's something that I love to do and I'm not quite sure why I've only drawn a couple of times a year for the last several...

Do a weights session. Bandwagon


It has been about 6 weeks. I failed my run challenge as my shoes were moldy. So I will clean my shoes and hit the gym once in the next two weeks.

Do a weights session. Short Goal


Get my butt down to the gym and do a good 45 mins of weight training. It's been too long since I've been, and I'm getting limp here. Bit of organizing and time management on my behalf as I am a full time mummy. Not a massive challenge to start...

Finalise the European leg of my trip


In 7 weeks I'm going around the world. We are starting with Europe for 7 weeks and still need to book a bunch of internal flights, festival tickets, train and bus tickets, hostels ect I want to have as much as possible booked and paid in the next...

Jar up some chillies


At some point this weekend, I will jar up my chillies. This means I will preserver them in vinegar. Already done it once this year, so yummy!

Multiple goals here! Long Goal


I would like to put a few down here for my long goal. 1. Get 1000 users on StakeMRrep 2. Build up to a 6km run 3. Get certified in Google analytics 4. Pull the back shed down 5. Read my son three books that have 180+ pages 6. Do dry July 7. Be...

Build the userbase by 20. Medium Goal


Getting new users to sign up is hardwork! And I need set measurable goals to do this. So far, we have had 150 ppl in total register an account on StakeMyRep. It's not really that many, and I am now able top focus on building that number. I'll...

Build a Bootcamp Windows image so i can build a c# automation test framework


Got an idea i want to build a proof of concept in C# so need a Windows image for that :)

Add a picture to my profile Short Goal


I will try adding a picture to my stake my rep profile.

Start learning C# (basic, real basic) Long Goal


I'm getting bored of testing so I'd like to skill up and move from a black box tester into a grey box code reading/debugging tester. To do this I need c# knowledge, I have zip! I plan on doing some online training!

Write a fructose friendly meal plan and buy the ingredients


Ive been getting sick for the last few months and wondering why!! The doctors have been testing me for food intolerances and I finally found out what's going on! I have fructose malabsorption! Which is pretty much intolerant to fructose... I...

Site redesign Short Goal


I'm going to give StakeMyRep a new skin in two weeks. Colour scheme / everything.