Sort my Lego and aromatherapy/massage/crystals books/stuff out Short Goal


My second bedroom is full of boxes. I need to de clutter and organise my flat and life. This is a great starting point as it will organise about 50% of that room and also I will end up with books on my bookshelves! not just papers and crap.

Go for one outdoor and one indoor skate this week (before Monday 24th Nov)


I will skate indoors one session on Wednesday night - pic from Caribbean Rollerama I will skate at least once during the coming week outside for an hour minimum. I'll try to coax a friend along to take pic.

Continue to go to BJJ at least 3 times a week! Medium Goal


I must attend at least three classes per week at BJJ in Geelong. I will provide photographic evidence of these visits :). Hopefully this will lead to me not being used to mop the floor haha

Write a treatment for my sitcom idea.


I have an idea for a tv show and I need motivation/encouragement to get it off the ground. First step is the 'treatment' or document that describes the show in detail.

Complete my neighbor's website Short Goal


Urr! I really need to get this complete. I have made great progress, but it;s important I finish it up.

Finnish Dads painting


I've been painting my Dad's house the outside at the moment. We'll I've bn procrastinating mainly. I'd like to finnish it before ig gets to hot

Go to the pool to do laps


I went away and got a bit ill, so I am about of my exercise routine. This is not a good thing. I will go hang in the pool and do some laps, no pressure on count.

Exercise while away in Darwin


I am going to visit a friend in Darwin on Friday the 17th and I would like to exercise at least 4 times over the 9 nights I am there. I think this will mostly be going for 5kms runs but there could be some swimming too. I am not sure how I will...

Learn Spanish Medium Goal


I signed up to Spanish class a few months ago and it started last Tuesday night... It was really hard and I feel like not going back, only I paid $300 for 9 weeks of it. This challenge is about attending classes, doing my homework and listening...

Stay up right the whole evening


I have newly acquired some rediculiously high shoes I pl challenge myself to stay upright

Climb a tree Bandwagon


I state that there are far too many treez out there that are not been appreciated to their fullest. In the next 2 weeks I intend of rectifying this and climbing them

Have a really good crack at finishing neighbors website


I failed last time - here I go again. Got a week off work and with not much to do, now is my chance to finish it off. I actually have lots to do, and only two days free this week, see how I go!

Climb a tree Short Goal


I state that there are far too many treez out there that are not been appreciated to their fullest. In the next 2 weeks I intend of rectifying this and climbing them

Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Long Goal


Get more motivated. Get a membership. 3 at least 30 minute sessions.

Print and put up some Hakuba House challenge posters up around Gosford

Spilla Abrupt

i want to show some support for SMR and this awesome competition/ challenge. So will print as many posters as my printer ink allows me and put them up around Gosford. The evidence I will provide for this will be photos of the posters at different...

Write a new poem

Worthwhile Jone

I write poetry pretty regularly. My most recent effort has been getting some FB love so I'm feelin' inspired and wanna crank out another by this time tomorrow night.

Make a backup of my music


Losing half a gig of music when my portable drive crashed last year was excruciatingly painful. I think I'm wiser now, so I am going to backup all my music by copying it from one portable drive to another. The thing is... this process is very...

Make it through & hopefully destroy - Jilted hoodz' first headlining gig Short Goal

Spilla Abrupt

Ok, so in order to do this, a few tracks need to be finished first (we are cutting it close!), then work at putting them into a 1 hour set, do some cool transitions between them etc. then need to get to Newcastle on the 12th September set up,...

Join the gym!!


I've made an appointment for tonight to join and I wont let ANYTHING be an excuse for not going. I'll post photos of my membership papers/card and of me at the gym when I get there.

Finish moving my clothes to my new house and put them all away within 1 week (not sure how to change the timer..) Short Goal


I started moving house about two weeks ago and just haven't found the motivation to finish yet, so I've been going back to mums any time I need a wardrobe change (hahaha). I will take a photo of my new room with half my clothes in it and where...