Do my best to complete my IPA (work thing) Long Goal


I have till the end of the year to complete the training I identified in my Individual Performance Agreement, a form I had to fill out before I could get started on my training. I keep finding new hoops work wants me to jump thru before they...

Keep doing my excersises that the physio gave me in 2 weeks I give myself only 2's day off Short Goal


My physio has given me some exercises that'll get me back to awesomeness and some more to keep me there

Clear a decent ammount of land for the new paving / bbq area (get rid of all the rocks)


I'm pumped from completing my last challenge, and I have another little project on the go. There is some space out the back where we want to clean up and pave / putt screens in, pizza over and a possible cover (that might extend to the last...

Organisation of the massive piles of paperwork in our house


I have several large piles of paperwork (bills etc.) which need throwing away or filing. It's a big job that I've been putting off for ages, time to get to it!

Be vegan for January and create/learn at least 15 new recipes


For the entire month of January, no animal product will pass my lips (no cheese!!! no ice cream!!! no butter!!). During this time I will experiment in the kitchen and trawl vegan recipe sites to expand my repertoire of vegan cooking. I will...

Write at least 1 post on my blog


I haven't posted anything on my blog ( this year, so another NY Res it to get a new post up this week.

Ride to and from work (about 30klms round trip) tomorrow (Friday 9/1/15) and at least 3 other days (this weekend and next week).


Need to get my health and fitness back on track after a few months of slacking off. This new year's resolution is just what I need. I'll upload screen shots from Strava as my evidence.

Lose my US 'burgers and fries' weight by the end of January - it is possible!!!!!! Medium Goal


I know it's a 'typical' New Years goal, but.. I went on a holiday to the US at the end of 2014 and decided to relax, enjoy myself and not worry about food/beer consumption control... it was great at the time.. but I arrived home to find I had...

Run 10k in under 51 minutes by the 6th of March '15


I can currently run 10k in under 57 minutes. I got this down from under 60 minutes in the last two weeks. I imagine it will be a fair bit harder to drop from 57 to 51 minutes however. As far as I can tell, getting your long distance time down...

Read 6 novels in the next 6 months Bandwagon


In the next 6 months I will read 6 novels. They will be decent sized books. I go through reading stages so this will be harder than it seems.

Get the roof on the back shed and be done with it! Medium Goal


I needed to make this a medium goal from the start. Twice I have loaded goals and this project deserved a bit more. I will put the roof and finish the back entertainment area.

Paint the Muppets characters for my daughter.


My daughter is fan number 1 of the Muppets. Since she was 6 months old she was shocked by those puppets. 3 years after she still loves all about them, so I want to do something special for her. I have decided to paint the Main characters before...

Feed stingray


I will head down to the boat shed, find and hand feed a 2m wide stingray within 2 hours.

Book an appointment with a Dentist


I need to go to the Dentist to get a tooth looked at/fixed. I have set myself a goal of getting an appointment before COB tomorrow (Friday 28 Nov 2014). My evidence will be my appointment date and time. I swear on all that is holy, I currently do...

Get my sleeve images to the tattooist by COB Friday 5/12/14


I want to get a sleeve tattoo done on my right arm. I need to get the images and ideas to the Tattooist so he can draw up the design. I will upload the final images that I have chosen to take to the tattooist by COB Friday 5/12/14.



I will go skating tonight

Backup Files


Need to backup some files, and I keep putting it off, short goal.

Walk 1hr daily


Training for winter. I will use a step counter and record my daily totals

Get irritating stuff done!


Aghhh!! I have things to do and I'm just not getting them done!! Id like to achieve the following within the next week: 1. Make a dentist appointment for late January - Honestly dentists scare the crap out of me!! I use to go every 6 months and...

Plan my 2015


This means I have to set goals for my business launch, set my health and fitness targets, plan my 12 mo th career goals and work out how I will invest my Charity volunteer time for next year.