Do 3 Ableton live Tutorials.


Because of StakeMyRep / family / work I don't really get to write music very often, or at all. I want to change this, and spend a little time making some tunes. I get some great regular gigs at festivals and killer parties, and I want to add my...

Complete Dry July, ride 600km on the pushbike and no dairy food for 1 month


No alcohol, No dairy food and no slacking off on the bike for the month of July. Evidence will be based on a before and after shot of my clothed overweight body. Photo taken today and its not pretty. I'll also provide my profile at the strava...

Learn to Sweep Pick on Guitar!!


I am still trying to get better at guitar, and i`ve decided i want to learn and get reasonably alright at a slightly difficult (for me at least) technique known as sweep picking! I don`t know if i`ll be very good at it, but i`ll learn how and...

No alcohol for two weeks


I feel that I could benefit from not drinking for a while. This will be a good Dry July warm up. I'd encourage any of my friends who feel the same way to jump on the bandwagon. My wife, Jennifer, will keep me honest.  This will also help with my...

Un-install Battlefield 4


I need to uninstall this game! It is taking too much time away from building things, it;s the only way as otherwise I'll play too much.

Not cheeky smoke


ARGGGHH!! Ive somehow developed a habit of having a cheeky few puffs of a friends ciggie on a weekend... I actually gave up smoking 6yrs ago and have been sneaking puffs once or twice a week for over a year now... I am so into my health and...

Finish the chicken coop.


Jen's roped me into a project out back to redo our chicken coop. I'm excited and want to expand the project later too.

Go on a Social Ride with Pedal Power this Weekend


Id really like to do a social ride to meet people with common interests, that would hopefully turn into friends. I am a little scared to go on a pedal power easy cycle cause I'm concerned the lycra wearing cyclists will judge me for my lack of...

Go for one run this week.


I am staking 3000 Rp on the fact that I will get my arse off the computer chair and go for a run! I am planning on hitting a race this year so I better do it!

Complete this years goals


I set goals for this year in February... This is something I have never done before. I will complete all goals! They are: 1. Try one new recipe a month 2. Create and submit a recipe to a cooking site 3. Learn at least 100 words in Spanish 4....

Various yard related tasks


I need to get the water tank up on the blocks - meaning I need to use the cement I just purchased.

Catch a trout


On my way to the lake and we've got the boat. Want to smoke a trout.

Read 6 novels in the next 6 months Bandwagon


I have definitely read 6 books in the last 6 months already while travelling. I recon I can do it again In the next 6 months I will read 6 novels. They will be decent sized books. I go through reading stages so this will be harder than it seems.

Build a hot composting pile


This is something I have kind of started, but not really. I will build a pile similar to this Hopefully I will have nice, rich soil in 18 days!

Make it down a run without stacking!


So I've arrived at Hakuba House and I've never seen so much snow! It's got the complete wow factor for sure! I have been snowboarding once for about 3hrs and that was around 4yrs ago... So I have decided to take lessons and I would like to at...

Get the stump out - round 2


I failed earlier. But that is ok, this is a reload.

Re-install windows


Been putting this off for too long.

Write a hiphop track


I and my brother will write at least 1 draught of a hip hop track within a month. so basically the bulk of the track.. ill leave the judging up to you guys! :)

Tame the Casa da Treezie jungle Bandwagon


I'm always saying I'll help ppl out in the yard but rarely do (I have enough work), though it's good to help out others. I'll need to sharpen the chainsaw for this. There is alot of work.

Tame the Casa da Treezie jungle


My garden is literally taking over my house (yes, literally - there are weeds growing through the windows!) On 31 Jan, I will drag my butt out of bed at 7:30am and power through the yard until it’s a tamed canvas ready for landscaping. I will...