Run 14km under 80 mins on 13 Nov 2016


I'm training for a 14 km foot race on 13 Nov. It's around my local area and I'm training 6 days a week. I'd like to complete the race in under 80 mins, and I would be really happy to do it under 70 minutes. Putting 1000 RP on the line. Wish me...

Maintain my Gym sessions for 1 month


I have some traction, I have been to the gym a lot. I just need to stick to it for the next month. Mon & Friday.

Start some study


I really need to study some programming related material. I keep putting it off. Going to try start a regular study time Sat mornings.

Eat vegan tacos for every meal in February... and make it NOT boring.


For the purpose of this challenge, I’ll be using Wikipedia’s definition of taco: “… a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling” (for more detail: ). As long as it’s vegan and keeps...

Be able to run 10km at 6 min 30 sec pace in 10 weeks


Not 100% sure if this is achievable, but it should be ok with safe, consistent training. I have the skills to safely train based on heart rate data. Going on holidays shortly to the first place I ever ran 10km non-stop, I remember feeling like a...

Go for one short run today


So it's the new year and I wish I could say I fell fresh. I don't. Spaking to someone I learnt that it takes 4 weeks to build a healthy habbit - giving it a go. Trying to mkae running a regular thing again. One goal - go for a jog today.

Complete the backend documentation to re-create SMR into a product ppl love to use.


We built SMR and learnt a bunch of things along the way. One of the major lessons was around notifications and lack of phone app. So to make the website work in the right way to do this we need redesign the way the backend operates. Doing this...

Go for two jogs this week


I better get jogging again. It's been a while, and now is the time to start back up. The yard work has kept me moving and I am glad for it. But I need to move with a more regular routine. I will go for two jogs this week. just keep it simple....

Finish digging the new entertainment area


We have decided to concrete, however I need to keep digging. I have been digging forever already. Help me by staking your rep on the outcome!

Upload 3 Youtube videos a week including one recipe video and double my subscribers.


I really want to build my YouTube channel and spread the message of health inside and out and of being on the journey and not doing things perfectly.  I feel really challenged working a normal job cause most jobs include doing something that is...

Listen to every podcast from


I came across a really cool podcast the other day: Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason I just liked the vibe of the guy, he reminded me of myself for some reason (family guy, likes his day job etc). Anyway, I intend on making it through...

Complete the Matrix labels and triggers documentation


We're doing more back end redesign stuff, and I tend to put off heavy lifting documentation type tasks as I tend to do it at work so much, so I thought I'd post something here. I will try have something in a week.

Finish digging out the paved area


I have been slowly diggin a massive area for my new paver area. Taking ages, need some motivation to get it done. I will supply some phots as proof. After this is done, I will re-post for laying the bluestone.

Wake up early everyday for 21 days.


I am not, and never have been, a morning person. However, I am finding there just aren't enough hours in my day for everything that I want/need to do.  So I'm going to extend my days by waking up at 6am everyday for 21 days in a row. Apparently...

Loose 15 kgs


I never seem to be great a loosing weight so time to step up my game! I am going to start by no longer purchasing those cheeky foods and to make a solid gym/workout schedule. From there I would to join a dance class and get back into sport but...

Make it to crossfit every Wednesday for the next four weeks


I've just started crossfit. Feel I might need a little motivation to keep it up. I've staked every Wednesday until I'm on site for Dragon Dreaming 2015 (where each day will be its own version of crossfit)