Make a video tutorial


Im an animation teacher. last semester my students found it very difficult to keep up with in class tutorials, so I asked if they would like video tutorials. they said yes. It is summer now with no work and I have alot of free time now, but I...

Build the blog!


I've been putting this off for a while, and I've always wanted to use this app like some sort of 3d printer to help build it;s self. So I shall install and configure a blog in the next 48hours! Now to be fair, I am using Wordpress and I'm not new...

Create a song on a program that i got


yesterday i got a cool program (LMMS) that i want to use to make some form of song with. There`s a good chance it wont be real good (its my first time) but i`ll try and upload the result to soundcloud or something similar

Beat Bass-Bitch at golf on Saturday


Bass-Bitch and I are playing golf on Saturday. He is a lot better than me, however if I am very lucky I may beat him. Very, very lucky.

Visit Tomo


I am a shit friend, and I don't visit folks often enough. The last time I went to Tomo's it was warm weather and we had a barbie and played some geeky game - AND it was fun! So, without even knowing if Tomo is free, I am staking 10 rep on me...

Go and see my mum and pick up a suitcase of her


I need to get a suitcase of my mum for my trip that is coming up. Now this would seem to be an easy task. But to those of you who have met my mum, a trip to my mum's house isn't as easy as you think. It would probably include some sort of food or...

Put my drumkit up for sale on gumtree


I will make a Gumtree ad in the hope of selling my drumkit. I have been in my current house for 2 and a half years and played it maybe 3 times. I am moving house and kinda don't have the room for it anymore. I will post a link to the ad I put up....

I will deadlift 80% of my body weight


I will lift 80% of my body weight at the gym next week. That is 43.2kgs. However, it will have to be 45kgs, because there are no small weight plates that I can use. At the moment, I can barely deadlift 40kgs. Can I really do it or am I being too...

Clean out the spare bedroom so you can get to the bed


The back bedroom currently is a dumping ground to the point where it's nearly impossible to get into the room. I will clean out the room even go to the tip to get rid of all the broken bits and pieces. Hopefully I'll find a bed somewhere in there.

Produce a track sampling The Ramsey Lewis Trio


So i bought this record 'The Ramsey Lewis Trio' at a record sale, Ive had a chance to listen to it and decided i will attempt to sample this track: into a Hip-hop beat-or a Sketch at least. The catch-...

Wash my sheets


I was away for 3 weeks, got home am lazy and couldnt be bothered but I will wash them by the end of the wkend! @#$%^&*;"=+!123 Ƣ ư

Re-string at least one of my electric guitars.


I've been needing to re-string a guitar for some time now, and haven't got around to doing it. I plan to re-string at least one guitar before the end of the weekend and will post pics of a freshly strung guitar within 48 hours.

Write a 3 minute track/experiment using new drum machine and synth

Big Thompson

I've had a friends drum machine sitting at home for a while now but haven't ventured into it yet. Last night we had a great jam and I spent today reading the manual. To solidify what I've taken in I feel it only makes sense to produce a track...

Write and arpeggio synth riff


I've been reading quite a bit about music composition and chord progressions, but have been procrastinating writing my own stuff. I really want to try out creating my own arpeggiated synth riff from scratch!

Update my blog


I am staking all my RP bar 1 on this. I went to a friend's farewell and it turns out that they run a gardening newsletter. I told them about my blog ( and they want to send a link to it. So I need to do two thing. Update it...

Re establish the worm farm


The worm farm previously built by my partner has failed, he says the worms kept escaping??? I declare that having moved the farm closer to the house I will rebuild and restock to working order. The challenge is its kind of a costly exercise and...

Create a live set in Ableton Live.


I'm playing a live set tomorrow night in Melbourne, and I still haven't put together what I'll be performing for it yet, so I have no choice but to do it today, and I'm so sure that I'm going to get it done, that I'm staking ALL of my RP!

Attempt making macaroons


The goal is to eventually perfect the macaroon. This will be attempt 1.

Go for a 2km run Friday 31 May.


I have been meaning to get back into jogging for a while now, and I've been putting it off for ages. I needed to create a social engine to crowd source motivation to get back into it, so here is my first post. I'll probably go for about 2 km max...