Cook an indian inspired meal


the aim is to cook an Indian meal, from scratch, playing with spices and hopefully achieve a good balance of flavour. The ultimate would be to have our 6 year old little girl to eat at least a couple of mouth full!

Exhibition prep


I'm preparing for an exhibition at the Canberra Museum and Gallery of material from the Splinters Theatre archive as part of my PhD research project. I have to collect all 32 works for framing and deliver them to the Gallery by next Friday 21...

Go with my wife to submit her photos for the "House on the canals" photo competition


This is going to be tough. We have to take 9 almost A1 prints to Laad Phrao (ลาดพร้าว). It's pretty much on the other side of Bangkok and will likely take us all day to do. Challenge accepted!!! I'll take a photo when I get there.

Cycle to and from work Wed, Thurs and Fri of this week


I cycle to and from work 95% of the time anyways but this week I will cycle even if its raining or I'm tired...

Record a HIPhop Dj set


After successfully completing my last challenge (but failing dismally at uploading evidence here) I have taken Tommy Buns advice and given myself a week to do so. Unluck typical EDM with a 4x4 beat, HipHop draws influence from tempos and genres...

Write a DJ tale for Ben


My mate wants me to write a short DJ tale for his blog. I am being a bad friend, and have not done it yet. So I am giving myself 24 hours to write a hopefully interesting / funny story about DJing. This is a challenge for me as I have no idea...

Lots of yard work day


I don't know why, but lately I have had little motivation to get into the yard (I used to be at it all the time). So Today I'll mow the lawn, clean the front up a bit, and do general yard work. Anyone that knows me knows I have a huge yard so...

Finish my video challenge of Bangkok


So I got sooooo close to finishing my last video challenge but failed due to technical difficulties. Here we are again. The edit for the video, while I'm not completely happy, is pretty much complete. I'll have this baby uploaded soon.

Make Gnocchi


I just had my first try of gnocchi and loved it! I bet I can make it easy! I've googled a recipe, Betty my KitchenAid is ready to go... I just have to do it! I will attempt a burn butter, mushroom, smoked pork, baby spinach, n macadamia sauce...

Go and watch my Nephew play footy on a cold sunday morning


So my darling nephew is playing footy on Sunday. At the stupid time of 9:30am. Now this may not be a stupid time for most people, but I'm usually still in bed asleep at that time on a Sunday. So I'm going to attempt to drag my soon to be cold...

100%, honestly and seriously finish that god damn signage light project!!!


Alright - I'm ALL IN mofos. This is it, I will finish this project, no word of a lie so stake some rep on this because it's a sure thing o_O

Snowboarding - Race in the Threadbo Top to Bottom race in a Cat in a Hat suit


I have wanted to do this one for a while. The Thredbo Top to Bottom is a race where you start at 6am and race people to the bottom of the mountain. I will register for the race, drive down, and do this in a Cat in a Hat suit (or similar silly...

Buy, build and install flatpak wardrobe insert


I will buy, build and install flatpak wardrobe insert. Been on the to do list for a while. Will post pictures of progress as evidence.

Jog to work 4 days in a row.


I'm signed up to do a 100km walk for Oxfam in October. You walk a 100km trail, non-stop, no sleep within 48hrs. I need to start training so I'm going to try jog to work (almost 6kms) four days in a row this week. Wish me luck!

Go to the gym at 6am


I just went to the gym today!!! this is the first time since 2005 haha!! I took Zumba class and I'm super MEGA tired!! My goal is going tomorrow morning at my next class at 6am Means that I have to wake up at 5.30 to get ready and get on time!!!!...

The epic week challenge


I'm going to try and get a few of my goals for this week into one super challenge. Now that I can upload from the phone providing evidence will be really easy. 1. Do two runs at least 4km in distance 2. Go to the pool once (just do a few laps,...

Get sponsored challenges working


We are working on giving users the ability to accept 'sponsored challenges' this weekend. This means a business or service provider can 'post' a challenge for others to accept. We stake 100RP that we will have this feature working in 48 hours.

Comlpete the challenge I just failed


My last challenge was to write and record a hit song- I thought I still had several hours to complete the challenge but have discovered that I have run a day late. Though I have done lots of work on this piece, it could use another week for...