Create landing page HTML mark-up


I've got the content along with a mock up how the SMR landing page might look. I've also got a great idea off ben on using live data on the landing page:) So I'll start working on the HTML for the page. I'll post a screenshot

Start working on the profile page for this very website!.


I have been tasked with writing some markup for the profile page of Stake My Rep. My time and facilities have been limited recently, but hopefully that will change. I'm committing to having at least something available for Tomo (and the gang) in...

Complete an example website for my portfolio.


I am in the market for an entry-level web development position, and I need to work on my portfolio for potential employers to view. My previous "standard commercial" layout was good, but lacked some nice design elements. So, this time round I...

My epic challenge 4


Hey peeps. I'm going to finally write the content I need to get the landing page up. I'm going to design some posters for the next competition I'm also going to put some posters up about StakeMyRep I'm going to get some stickers printed up too!...

Use my new sewing machine to make something awesome


I want to make a skirt similar to one I have now using my new sewing machine. It has 3 layers, some velcro and a tie at the side. I will have to go buy fabric and a few other things, make my own pattern and sew it, giving myself 48 hours!

Finish my weekly runs


I'm building my fitness back up after a knee injury meant I want able to run for about a month, previously I was running 8km 4x a week and was aiming for 10km. So I started back on 4km and have now got myself to 6km, so I plan to use this...

That i will finish my robot design in my cad class


in class we a a task to design and build a 3D model of a robot and then make a poster about it

Write a base cover letter for all the good entry level web dev jobs I'll be applying for


My last couple of challenges have failed miserably, and today's challenge is an attempt to get some damn RP back. I plan to write a cover letter that I'll modify for each job I apply for in the coming days.

That i will ask someone to the formal


in four hours i will be meeting someone that i will like to ask to formal

Build a possum box


I am going to build a possum box this weekend, to try and encourage wildlife into our backyard. I have found some instructions: and tidied up the garage, so I'm sure we have the right tools. Wish me luck!

Land a front side board slide on a a down rail (staircase rail) at Thredbo today


After landing on the rail yesterday and destroying my confidence, i will see if i can get the courage to try it again. Today i will land it!

Make headway on my website projects


I have made a lot of progress in the last week with my recent web projects. I look forward to providing links in a couple of days to more complete versions of these projects.

Clean the fan blades


Crappy job but there are 2 fan in our house that need a major clear. Big job involves unscrewing them and washing in hot water. Just a crappy job all together. Before and after photos

Create a full length Drum and Bass song.


Complimenting this weeks competition, the theme of the song will be 'from the heart'.

Get 100 lines in tetris on my old school gameboy.


I have an original model gameboy from the 80's with tetris. I used to be fucking shit hot at it, but not sure if I can still reach my personal best of 250 lines. I'm going to start out small - 100 lines. If I get this, I will then go for 200. I...

Support ds teo in getting a paid gig


Dsteo wants to get a paid dj set. I'm familiar with his music and I'm confident we can find a spot for him as his music has a wide appeal, he can read a crowd and is possibly the most professional dj/producer I know. He's also been in the game...

Rearrange a Nirvana song into a lullaby of which I can sing to my son.


Pretty much explained in the title. In high school I did learn a heap of nirvana songs on guitar, but more recently I only play guitar while putting my son to bed. I shall be turning a nirvana song into a lullaby for him, and if possible, I will...

Cook an Indian inspired meal - chicken madras


I will use all my cunning and skill to operate a stove and combine a series of ingredients together until they form a new whole, pleasing to the taste buds and stomach, and vaguely resembling something that might pass as Indian cuisine to the...

Make Indian sweets with my children in Family Day Care =)


in my family day care I provide Afternoon tea everyday. This challenge will be fun and sweet because I will make 2 different deserts: Apricot in cardamon syrup and Karanji (a coconut - filling sweet) my children age 9, almost 2 and 1year old will...

Exercise everyday in a next week.


Since I graduated a University from 7 years ago my weight has gone up from 50 kilos to 60 kilos. So, I want to challenge myself to loose weight as much as I can. I will do exercise every day when I am in Koh Chang, Thailand for a week from tomorrow.