Launch another sponsored challenge


I'll launch another sponsored challenge for the Atomic Art exhibition happening from this Thursday. Unsure on the make up yet. It will be unique though.

Keep my Facebook deactivated for an entire week


I am sick of Facebook taking the place of people who are real, important and right in front of me. Facebook is evil and controls my life, I foster unhealthy relationships and maintain friendships I wouldn't in real life and I am sick of this! I...

Nose slide a ledge in the Cat in a Hat suit


At belco handing flyers out. I plan on landing a nose slide on a ledge in the Cat suit.

Land a kick flip in the cat in a Hat suit


Land a kick flip in the Cat in a Hat suit

Promotion for the StakeMyRep skateboard comp


I need to hand out some flyers at tomorrow's skateboard competition, which is at Belco Skate Park. This is to promote the StakeMyRep comp to the skaters, which is aimed at "landing your favourite trick" and capturing it on film. If you win the...

Get a pool partner and beat alex and cath at pool


At the pub and my friends have been winning pool all night. I will find a partner and beat them. Evidence is their sad faces.

Apply for more jobs


I have been trying to find work for the last couple of months, and it has been a real struggle. I commit to looking for a bunch of jobs tomorrow. There is a good chance I'll be in Melbourne from mid December to mid January, so I'll try to commit...

Master and fine tune the EP


My friend and I have started 5 tracks in the last week, most of which are pretty much finished. The plan is to actually release this EP. I am really happy with how they are going, but I need to do some fine tuning and some mastering. Not sure...

Lodge my appeal with Clink. Again...


So it's all on the line. Clink has messed up more than a couple of times already. Tomorrow I will call Clink and make sure my appeal is lodged.

Bake a Birthday Cake


I have told my mum I will bake her a birthday cake for her party on Saturday. TIme is gonig to be tight and already i have a backup plan if all goes wrong. I will take some photos to show the baking and the finished product

This week's epic bundle of fun


I feel that I'm on a roll here. 1. Two gym workouts 2. Two swims 3. One run 4. Launch Trilogy comp 5. Print posters 6. Do a poster run (love some company!) 7. Further work on website I'm building 8. More work on landing page 9. One tiny bit of...

Pass Microsoft exam 98-372


Do or die, going to pass this exam to brush up on my core .Net knowledge. Slipped too much just working on web stuff.

Not drink beer from my tapking or any beer for a week


Spilla Abrupt will say the truth either way and will verify, this has been discussed.

This week's bunch of stuff


After the last two or three successful challenges - I am really on a roll. I've joined the gym and I am making traction on several fronts. 1. Fix the evidences display page, for example - on this page:...

Post new content on


After completing the launch of the website I have not taken enough time to update content and keep it flowing, I intend to update the site with fresh information on our upcoming gigs and events that have happened since the launch.

Produce 10

Big Thompson

Produce 10 clips of atmos/ambience and one schmultzy love song for the play Arden V Arden I am sound designing.

Be able to buy products from


The challenge is to finish off a great car parts website and get it to a point where we can start selling items from it. The site will be Tasks needed to be done are hook up a credit card payment system (probably PayPal) Get the...

This bunch of stuff


I'll get some stickers out I'll hit the pool twice (I'll aim for 8 laps non stop each time) I'll do one run I'll make several small changes to the site (I have an idea I just don;t which ones. I will say 3) I'll get started on the WordPress site...

Have pulled off a full 'Jilted Hoodz' live electronic set to have supported Dbridge @ Transit bar on the night before a week from now :P (Thurs 31st)

Spilla Abrupt

Ok. So I need to get my shit together in order to pull off a 1 hour live electronic set to support Dbridge for the 10 year anniversary of Exit records (in the memory of Escha) for next Thursday the 31st. This will involve taking 12/13 of my...

Mini-epic challenge week 3


I'm going to play at Dragon this weekend so I'm unable to do too much. Finding unless I stake some rep I can't be arsed to exercise ATM. 1. Do one run 2. Go to the pool once 3. Further refine my landing page (add modal pop-ups) 4. Write some...