Start some study


I really need to study some programming related material. I keep putting it off. Going to try start a regular study time Sat mornings.

Complete the backend documentation to re-create SMR into a product ppl love to use.


We built SMR and learnt a bunch of things along the way. One of the major lessons was around notifications and lack of phone app. So to make the website work in the right way to do this we need redesign the way the backend operates. Doing this...

Listen to every podcast from


I came across a really cool podcast the other day: Late Night Internet Marketing with Mark Mason I just liked the vibe of the guy, he reminded me of myself for some reason (family guy, likes his day job etc). Anyway, I intend on making it through...

Complete the Matrix labels and triggers documentation


We're doing more back end redesign stuff, and I tend to put off heavy lifting documentation type tasks as I tend to do it at work so much, so I thought I'd post something here. I will try have something in a week.

Wake up early everyday for 21 days.


I am not, and never have been, a morning person. However, I am finding there just aren't enough hours in my day for everything that I want/need to do.  So I'm going to extend my days by waking up at 6am everyday for 21 days in a row. Apparently...

Do 3 Ableton live Tutorials.


Because of StakeMyRep / family / work I don't really get to write music very often, or at all. I want to change this, and spend a little time making some tunes. I get some great regular gigs at festivals and killer parties, and I want to add my...

Un-install Battlefield 4


I need to uninstall this game! It is taking too much time away from building things, it;s the only way as otherwise I'll play too much.

Complete this years goals


I set goals for this year in February... This is something I have never done before. I will complete all goals! They are: 1. Try one new recipe a month 2. Create and submit a recipe to a cooking site 3. Learn at least 100 words in Spanish 4....

Make it down a run without stacking!


So I've arrived at Hakuba House and I've never seen so much snow! It's got the complete wow factor for sure! I have been snowboarding once for about 3hrs and that was around 4yrs ago... So I have decided to take lessons and I would like to at...

Do my best to complete my IPA (work thing) Long Goal


I have till the end of the year to complete the training I identified in my Individual Performance Agreement, a form I had to fill out before I could get started on my training. I keep finding new hoops work wants me to jump thru before they...

Be vegan for January and create/learn at least 15 new recipes


For the entire month of January, no animal product will pass my lips (no cheese!!! no ice cream!!! no butter!!). During this time I will experiment in the kitchen and trawl vegan recipe sites to expand my repertoire of vegan cooking. I will...

Run 10k in under 51 minutes by the 6th of March '15


I can currently run 10k in under 57 minutes. I got this down from under 60 minutes in the last two weeks. I imagine it will be a fair bit harder to drop from 57 to 51 minutes however. As far as I can tell, getting your long distance time down...

Backup Files


Need to backup some files, and I keep putting it off, short goal.

Get irritating stuff done!


Aghhh!! I have things to do and I'm just not getting them done!! Id like to achieve the following within the next week: 1. Make a dentist appointment for late January - Honestly dentists scare the crap out of me!! I use to go every 6 months and...

Sort my Lego and aromatherapy/massage/crystals books/stuff out Short Goal


My second bedroom is full of boxes. I need to de clutter and organise my flat and life. This is a great starting point as it will organise about 50% of that room and also I will end up with books on my bookshelves! not just papers and crap.

Go to the pool to do laps


I went away and got a bit ill, so I am about of my exercise routine. This is not a good thing. I will go hang in the pool and do some laps, no pressure on count.

Learn Spanish Medium Goal


I signed up to Spanish class a few months ago and it started last Tuesday night... It was really hard and I feel like not going back, only I paid $300 for 9 weeks of it. This challenge is about attending classes, doing my homework and listening...

Write a new poem

Worthwhile Jone

I write poetry pretty regularly. My most recent effort has been getting some FB love so I'm feelin' inspired and wanna crank out another by this time tomorrow night.

Finish moving my clothes to my new house and put them all away within 1 week (not sure how to change the timer..) Short Goal


I started moving house about two weeks ago and just haven't found the motivation to finish yet, so I've been going back to mums any time I need a wardrobe change (hahaha). I will take a photo of my new room with half my clothes in it and where...

Will be living it up in south america Long Goal


Been saving for this trip for a while now, the imperial treasury is looking pretty scant, so might not be over there for as long as i like! will post photographic evidence of the lush Peruvian jungle, proving i have at least been, if not still...