Un-install Battlefield 4


I need to uninstall this game! It is taking too much time away from building things, it;s the only way as otherwise I'll play too much.

Organisation of the massive piles of paperwork in our house


I have several large piles of paperwork (bills etc.) which need throwing away or filing. It's a big job that I've been putting off for ages, time to get to it!

Complete my neighbor's website Short Goal


Urr! I really need to get this complete. I have made great progress, but it;s important I finish it up.

Finnish Dads painting


I've been painting my Dad's house the outside at the moment. We'll I've bn procrastinating mainly. I'd like to finnish it before ig gets to hot

Have a really good crack at finishing neighbors website


I failed last time - here I go again. Got a week off work and with not much to do, now is my chance to finish it off. I actually have lots to do, and only two days free this week, see how I go!

Get my prize pack together and send it off!


So it would seem I have failed It has been what could be described as an un-respectable amount of time since Che Che Fuck Yea Harrison and the Psychonaughts won the "Keep it real.. Clean" StakeMyRep challenge from Psyland. I have been left with...

Get a new job redux


So i just missed out on my last challenge by a day, got called up super last minute for a trial shift on tuesday, leaving me know time to obtain proof and get the challenge verified. So i this time im going to set myself the challenge of wading...

Go to gym twice and make significant progress on neighbors site + submit SMR to 10 start-up sites + order some free vista print cards + begin work on HTML of landing page to resolve nav bar issue


So I am enjoying the running but I am keen to see if I can get back into the gym. I am worries about not being able to do dead lifts, but I will just work on other stuff and substitute dead lift with some core. I am busy and need to get my...

Design a poster that promotes StakeMyRep


I needed to do this a while ago. I'll design a poster that promotes StakeMyRep. I will go to many local shops, and give them my little speech. I think it'll be great. I will also send a copy to my new friend Josh:)

Two runs, early draft website for neighbour and new video on landing page


Ok so this week I will get the following done. Do two runs, moving towards my goal of getting back to 6km. Super early draft site built for my neighbour. I wouldn't normally do this (take on new work), but it's for my neighbour who's original...

Get the Hakuba site into a state where it is ready to go live, if not live, and start on a second site Short Goal


So I have been working on a website for a while now, it will lead to some huge news for StakeMyRep. I am getting pretty close, but not there yet. I would like to knock this over in the next two weeks so I can focus on other stuff. In addition, my...

Apply for jobs


I'm really keen on moving to Melbourne. That, of course, means that I'd have to find a job first. I'm getting extremely discouraged and frustrated, as I have been looking for the last 3 months and without any luck. So I really need a bit of...

Will lodge my tax return


Hmmm... It's that time of the year again. No matter how much I dislike doing tax, it has to be done :-/ But I'm motivated as I'm expecting a hefty tax return after many financial setbacks last year. Although, that's exactly what I said last year,...

Hold up a sign next to a road with lots of cars dressed in my cat in a hat suit that says


I need to paint a sign up, get in my suit and got and hold the sign (which will just say stakemyrep.com) up next to a road. Will try get a photo of it.

Build the userbase by 20. Medium Goal


Getting new users to sign up is hardwork! And I need set measurable goals to do this. So far, we have had 150 ppl in total register an account on StakeMyRep. It's not really that many, and I am now able top focus on building that number. I'll...

Build a Bootcamp Windows image so i can build a c# automation test framework


Got an idea i want to build a proof of concept in C# so need a Windows image for that :)

Site redesign Short Goal


I'm going to give StakeMyRep a new skin in two weeks. Colour scheme / everything.