Eat vegan tacos for every meal in February... and make it NOT boring.


For the purpose of this challenge, I’ll be using Wikipedia’s definition of taco: “… a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling” (for more detail: ). As long as it’s vegan and keeps...

Complete the backend documentation to re-create SMR into a product ppl love to use.


We built SMR and learnt a bunch of things along the way. One of the major lessons was around notifications and lack of phone app. So to make the website work in the right way to do this we need redesign the way the backend operates. Doing this...

Finish digging the new entertainment area


We have decided to concrete, however I need to keep digging. I have been digging forever already. Help me by staking your rep on the outcome!

Upload 3 Youtube videos a week including one recipe video and double my subscribers.


I really want to build my YouTube channel and spread the message of health inside and out and of being on the journey and not doing things perfectly.  I feel really challenged working a normal job cause most jobs include doing something that is...

Complete the Matrix labels and triggers documentation


We're doing more back end redesign stuff, and I tend to put off heavy lifting documentation type tasks as I tend to do it at work so much, so I thought I'd post something here. I will try have something in a week.

Finish digging out the paved area


I have been slowly diggin a massive area for my new paver area. Taking ages, need some motivation to get it done. I will supply some phots as proof. After this is done, I will re-post for laying the bluestone.

Do 3 Ableton live Tutorials.


Because of StakeMyRep / family / work I don't really get to write music very often, or at all. I want to change this, and spend a little time making some tunes. I get some great regular gigs at festivals and killer parties, and I want to add my...

Learn to Sweep Pick on Guitar!!


I am still trying to get better at guitar, and i`ve decided i want to learn and get reasonably alright at a slightly difficult (for me at least) technique known as sweep picking! I don`t know if i`ll be very good at it, but i`ll learn how and...

Finish the chicken coop.


Jen's roped me into a project out back to redo our chicken coop. I'm excited and want to expand the project later too.

Complete this years goals


I set goals for this year in February... This is something I have never done before. I will complete all goals! They are: 1. Try one new recipe a month 2. Create and submit a recipe to a cooking site 3. Learn at least 100 words in Spanish 4....

Various yard related tasks


I need to get the water tank up on the blocks - meaning I need to use the cement I just purchased.

Catch a trout


On my way to the lake and we've got the boat. Want to smoke a trout.

Read 6 novels in the next 6 months Bandwagon


I have definitely read 6 books in the last 6 months already while travelling. I recon I can do it again In the next 6 months I will read 6 novels. They will be decent sized books. I go through reading stages so this will be harder than it seems.

Build a hot composting pile


This is something I have kind of started, but not really. I will build a pile similar to this Hopefully I will have nice, rich soil in 18 days!