Run 14km under 80 mins on 13 Nov 2016


I'm training for a 14 km foot race on 13 Nov. It's around my local area and I'm training 6 days a week. I'd like to complete the race in under 80 mins, and I would be really happy to do it under 70 minutes. Putting 1000 RP on the line. Wish me...

Maintain my Gym sessions for 1 month


I have some traction, I have been to the gym a lot. I just need to stick to it for the next month. Mon & Friday.

Eat vegan tacos for every meal in February... and make it NOT boring.


For the purpose of this challenge, I’ll be using Wikipedia’s definition of taco: “… a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling” (for more detail: ). As long as it’s vegan and keeps...

Be able to run 10km at 6 min 30 sec pace in 10 weeks


Not 100% sure if this is achievable, but it should be ok with safe, consistent training. I have the skills to safely train based on heart rate data. Going on holidays shortly to the first place I ever ran 10km non-stop, I remember feeling like a...