Run sub 55 10km


I have a race coming up! I want to run sub 55. I have not been training too much.

Try and promote and encourage interest on our first Jilted Hoodz album :)

Spilla Abrupt

So, the aim is to promote and ecourage activity and interest for our first album Rogue Transmission, which has just dropped. I have been rather foolish to only consider any promotion strategies to just after the album has come out.  It...

Go for one small run - staking 3762 RP


Staking it all. I was running 10km in a flash and I got sick so I had to stop. I just need to get out again.

Do three runs in next seven days


I achieve my goal last week, so this week I intend of adding on more run into the mix. They will be short, and the evidence will probably be a pic of me in the change room, but I will do it.

Create a page on the web to showcase my fine art.


In order to complete a larger task to hold an exhibition for my art work later in the year, I need to be able to show vendors that I have content worthy of an exhibition. This page will begin simply as a Facebook Artist page but I will utilize...

Get a Job offer for a Web Development job in Australia

Hi guys! I'm Nico from the Philippines. I used to help Thomas with the development of stakemyrep a long time ago. For the past few months, I've been spending a lot of effort to find a job in Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore. So far, no luck....

Powerlift deadly weight beyond my capacity


I'm really upset about quitting gym. Powerlifting is my passion, yet I no longer have the time to go to the gym. At one point I was really proud to squat 57.5kg full depth, which is 105% of my body weight. I will squat 40kgs and deadlift 50kgs by...

Take Cash to the Merri creek


I just moved into this awesome place in Coburg. My housemate has a cute puppy called Cash. He was named after Johnny Cash. I will take Cash out for a walk at the Merri creek and play tug of war with him!

Loose 3kg in next two weeks


I gain 3kgs over 3 weeks holiday and plan to get back on track and get ready for summer. I will exercise every day and eat healthy (no sweet, no sugar, no deep fried, less carb).

Finish diggin the entertainment area for laying pavers


We are having Christmas at ours this year, and I have a large area of dirt that I have digging into to make room for pavers. It is a pretty large area, approx 4 m by 5 m and it needs to be dug down 17cm. I have made good progress (I have had to...

Run 2.4km in under 13 minutes


I Have been exercising 3-4 days a week for a few months in the hope of being able to pass my fitness test which is 100 sit ups 20 push ups and 2.4km in under 13min 30 sec.

Walk 280,000 steps over 4 weeks


Since getting a fitbit I have discovered I'm way too inactive and I'm struggling to achieve the recommended average 10,000 steps a day. I can hit it on days when I put my mind to it but I get tired after work and my good intentions quickly fade...

Go for a walk


I have been meaning to start walking again for months now. I want to make it a regular practice to improve my fitness and mental health outside of the gym. Doing anything by myself is a challenge and the weather was my excuse and now that it is...

Complete four-week fitness challenge


It's spring. Time to stop skiving off and get back to being baddass. Over the next four weeks I will: - Do difficult yoga every Monday  - Drag my butt to crossfit every Wednesday - Do stretch yoga every Friday - Level-up on healthy eating (bye...

Run 10km


Run 10km, recorded by runkeeper/zombies run