Make the banner for the nice lady


I need to make a banner for someone, I keep putting it off. Lucky I have an accountability website.

Create a website draft


I Need to design a simple website for a project within the Burning Man Australia community. Simple as. One page using MS publisher. Wish me luck!! Ps never created a website

Send a letter to my Grandmother Short Goal


Send a letter of at least two pages.

Walk the dogs at the RSPCA more than one day this week


I can't take photos, but I will be able to provide the mobile phone's GPS tracking data to show that I went there more than once this week if someone wants to question me :) It's for the good of my health and the dogs so it's a good cause!

Successfully organise and direct a music festival called 'GRANITE TOWN - Moruya's Jazz, Food and Funk Festival' and draw a crowd of 3000 paying punters. Long Goal


Currently in the somewhat early stages of organising, Granite Town will be the first festival where I am the event coordinator and its success will mean great things for my future! We are a very small not for profit committee and are revamping...

Bring tunes to Paully


I need to drop a t-shirt and some music off to Pauly. Two days!

Write a friend's bio


I will write a friend's DJ bio and post it here as evidence.

Make a mother's day gift for mum


It's mother's day and I have left it a little late to do something nice for mum. So instead, I will make her a gift by the day's end. Evidence will be a photo.