Try and promote and encourage interest on our first Jilted Hoodz album :)

Spilla Abrupt

So, the aim is to promote and ecourage activity and interest for our first album Rogue Transmission, which has just dropped. I have been rather foolish to only consider any promotion strategies to just after the album has come out.  It...

Create a page on the web to showcase my fine art.


In order to complete a larger task to hold an exhibition for my art work later in the year, I need to be able to show vendors that I have content worthy of an exhibition. This page will begin simply as a Facebook Artist page but I will utilize...

Take Cash to the Merri creek


I just moved into this awesome place in Coburg. My housemate has a cute puppy called Cash. He was named after Johnny Cash. I will take Cash out for a walk at the Merri creek and play tug of war with him!

Finish diggin the entertainment area for laying pavers


We are having Christmas at ours this year, and I have a large area of dirt that I have digging into to make room for pavers. It is a pretty large area, approx 4 m by 5 m and it needs to be dug down 17cm. I have made good progress (I have had to...

Grow more potatos than Thomas


A couple more weeks to the start of potato growing season and I am setting mini challenge against my husband. We are both going to plant a main crop of  potatos and see who's weighs in the most at harvest time. I am hoping to get at least 5kgs

Finish writing my book


I have recently started writing a book and want to have it finished to the point that it's ready to sell digital copies on Amazon.

Do Dry July Bandwagon


Jumping on this bandwagon. thought it would be easy haha already had to talk myself out of temptation twice this week. Alcohol abstinence for cancer patients!

Do Dry July


After I nailed my 2 week challenge, I am ready to step up. I have a proper Dry July link here

Go in the Snow 2 Surf


I used to stay at my mate Scott's place when I ran the City 2 Surf, however he was never interested in the race. Now he is running a bit (and I am not), I asked him if he'd go in the race this year. He said he would think about - and then upped...

Make the banner for the nice lady


I need to make a banner for someone, I keep putting it off. Lucky I have an accountability website.

Move the soil


I have some soil, I want to move it. I am sick, see how I go.

Remove the stump


I have a stump in my backyard that I'd like to remove. It's getting in the way of a massive project (that I'll post here), and I really need to get this down. I have no idea how deep the roots go, but I will give this my best shot. I am away this...

Tame the Casa da Treezie jungle Bandwagon


My garden is literally taking over my house (yes, literally - there are weeds growing through the windows!) On 31 Jan, I will drag my butt out of bed at 7:30am and power through the yard until it’s a tamed canvas ready for landscaping. I will...

Make an awesome bionica costume Bandwagon


A babe'n bionic costume will be made to rock out in at Regrowth!

Make an awesome bionica costume Medium Goal


It will be fantastical, vanguard. yes thatz right I don't have a plan yet but it is an awesome theme that so much could be done

Okay, so I failed this one but I'm not giving up! I will write a story of at least 10,000 words. Medium Goal


10,000 words may not get the story finished (it may grow) but I'll put up what I have as evidence when I do hit at least 10,000.

Finish iPhone requirements


I have a solid start on this, I am almost there for a draft run of these. And I'd said I would have some stuff by the 16th so I really gotta keep this one!